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Clown of The Year



For more information contact:
Teresa "Blondi" Gretton 
 3411 Lisa Circle 
 Waldorf, MD 20601 

 (301) 843-8212



Each year COAI chooses to bestow the title and honor of "Clown of the Year" on one of its own members. This member is recognized for his/her outstanding qualities as a clown. The Clown of the Year exemplifies the true meaning of what it is to be a clown through his/her caring, sharing and performance ability. This clown may have provided outstanding contributions to clowning and his/her Alley or has going above and beyond the norm in promoting clowning and COAI.


We all know clowns who meet and well exceed the above criteria and deserve recognition for their outstanding work. COAI relies on its membership to submit nominations for this great honor. Take action today by nominating someone you believe fits some or all of the above qualities. If you don't do it, who will?


Nomination Criteria:


Nominee must be a current, active COAI member, who has maintained membership in COAI for at least 5 years.


While the nomination package does not need to be lengthy, it should include:


* A typed, signed, and dated letter of nomination. Nominator must include his/her contact information (address, phone number, email, etc.)

* Biographical information on the nominee, including nominee's contact information

* A minimum of 5, but no more than 10, current (within the past year) letters of recommendation and support from qualified individuals, excluding current COAI board members, familiar with the art of clowning and COAI. Letters should indicate what the nominee has done for the art of clowning and/or to promote COAI. They must be typed, dated, signed, and include the author's contact information.

* A maximum of 3 photos of nominee in clown make-up and 1 photo out of make-up (original prints preferred)

* A professional quality color photo, in clown make-up, of the nominee for publication


Please Note: Current members of COAI's Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.



Selection Criteria:


Selection of a recipient will be based on the following criteria:


1. Reason for the nomination

2. Dedication to the craft

3. What nominee has done to further the art of clowning

4. Respected by his/her peers

5. Talents in the craft of entertaining

6. Years in the craft

7. Awards received

8. Impact on clowning in the community at large

9. General overall appearance



The recipient of the Clown of the Year honor will:


* Have an article written about them and appear on the cover of The New Calliope

* Be honored and receive a plaque at the COAI's Annual International Convention

* Be recognized by The Toby the Clown Foundation, Lake Placid, FL on its "Wall of Fame"

* A press release be generated by our public relations committee and sent to the hometown media of each recipient.

* A letter of congratulations will be prepared, signed by the board and presented to the recipient.

* COAI will present a special name tag to recipient identifying them as COAI's Clown of the Year. These will be ordered and made available in January.

* A complimentary COAI convention registration for the Clown of the Year will be paid by the organization.



All nominations should be directed to COAI's Director of Membership and must be received no later than September 1st of each year.


Submitted materials will only be returned by request, once the selection and notification process has been completed.


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