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'Where Art and Air become one'


The exhibition will begin one hour before the General Membership

Meeting and everyone is welcome to observe.



1. The creator {balloon twister} must work alone.

2. The creation must be family friendly. {G rated in every way}

3. Time:

           a. You'll have 15 minutes for set up.

           b. 30 minutes to complete your task

           c. And 15 minutes to completely clean up your area

4. Balloons:

           a. Any type, style, or size balloon can be used, inflated or not But you must

                 inflate at least one balloon.

           b. There is no limit to the number of balloons you can use during your 30

                 minutes, but you must use at least one.

           c. Balloons and non-balloon objects can be twisted, tied, glued,

                taped, or attached together in whatever way you choose.

           d. Balloons can be inflated by mouth, hand or self powered pumps,

                 but electric (AC) powered pumps are not to be used for this exhibition.

5. Non-balloon objects:

            a. A non-balloon object is anything that is not a balloon.

            b. Any number of non-balloon objects can be used in conjunction

                  with your creation

            c. You cannot attach your creation to the working table, but you can

                   attach it to a base object.

6. The final creation must be free-standing and able to be moved by the creator.

             A letter (A-Z) will be assigned to each creation. 

             The general membership will decide the winner.


As the COAI members enter the room for the Membership Meeting

they will be provided with a voting card to place the corresponding

LETTER of the ONE Balloonatasia Creation they like the best.

               o Cards will be placed in a sealed box as members leave meeting

               o The Sergeant-at-Arms and a three person staff will be responsible for

                      counting ballots, registering the "winner” which will then be announced

                      at the banquet Saturday night.


The winner will receive:

The Balloonatasia Championship Certificate and Medallion

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