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Charlie Awards
The Charlie Award is a trophy that is given to the COAI Clown Alley which best documents and celebrates International Clown Week (August 1-7). Adopted in 1974, it was offered to the (then) COA Alley that did the best job observing National Clown Week. In 1999, the COAI Board approved through the recommendation of the Clown Week chairman, Bob Gretton, a new award for the individual member. The Individual Award is given to a member of COAI which best documents and celebrates Clown Week on an individual basis.


Under the rules of the old COA, the award was given nine times, but discontinued in 1983. The competition was renewed in 1994.


The alley award was designed and donated by the Grand and Glorious Mid-Michigan Galaxy of Clowns, Alley #44. Introduced by Lyle Richard and approved by the COA Board, it is a 22-in high, 6-inch wide clown shoe carved of solid walnut by Roger Fosbender. Karen Allred of Utah Clown Alley #26 provided the fitting name, CHARLIE: Clowns Have A Real Love In Everyone. In 2000 the Individual award was designed and donated by the Kapitol Klowns, Alley #6.


The Charlie Award contest is open to all active alleys (contact the Alley Coordinator if you have questions on your alley status) and individual members. The winning alley and individual member receive their respective Charlie Awards for one year awarded at the COAI Spring Convention banquet, and will be given their plaques for permanent possession the following year.



RULES for Competing for the Charlie Award

as an Alley or an Individual


* A competing alley must be in good standing and have 100 percent COAI membership. Individual must also be a member in good standing in COAI.

* Put together a scrapbook. In this book you must have documentation about your Clown Week activities, news stories, thank you notes, proclamations, and pictures.

* An alley should show members who participated and days during the week showing events as well as types of activities.

* Electronic Scrapbook / Scrapbook must be submitted to the Clown Week Chair by October 1st of that year.


Chairman: Carrie 'Shimmy Giggles' Ray

413 East Ash Lane 

Euless, Texas

(214) 577-6002

For more information e-mail:


* Winning Alley and Individual will be announced at the Saturday evening awards ceremony.

* Alley's name will be engraved on the trophy. Individual's name will go on plaque. Trophy and plaque will be returned in time for next year's convention and substitute plaques will be given for permanent possession to alley and individual at spring COAI Convention.

* Alley has the choice of 1) taking the alley C.H.A.R.L.I.E. boot from convention, 2) leaving it with COAI or 3) pay expense of shipping boot.




1975 The Grand & Glorious Galaxy of Clowns Alley #44

1976 Kapitol Klowns Alley #6

1977 Milwaukee Metro Clown Club Alley #37

1978 Milwaukee Metro Clown Club Alley #37

1979 Milwaukee Metro Clown Club Alley #37

1980 Texas Mid Cities Clown Alley #85

1981 Texas Mid Cities Clown Alley #85

1982 Greater Hartford Clown Alley #107

1983 Kapitol Klowns Alley #6

1984 - 1992 Not Awarded

1993 Classic Clown Club Alley #181

1994 Classic Clown Club Alley #181

1995 Omaha's Wild Clown-Dum Alley #147

1996 Greater Hartford Clowns of America Alley #107

1997 Kapitol Klowns Alley #6

1998 Electric City Clown Alley #285

1999 Caloosa Clowns Alley #97 

2000 Caloosa Clowns Alley #97 

2001 -TIE     Electric City Alley #285

                   Caloosa Clowns Alley #97

2002 Electric City Alley #285

2003 Omaha Wild Clowndum, Alley #147

2004 Electric City Clown Alley # 285

2005 Big Sky Clown Alley # 284

2006 Clowns Like Us Alley # 303

2007 Corn E Clowns of Erie County #394

2008 Classic Clown Club# 181

2009 Virginia Clown Alley # 3 

2010 Electric City Clown Alley # 285 

2011 Kapitol Klowns Alley # 6

2012 Kolonial Klowns Alley # 357  

2013 Clowns Like Us Alley #303

2014 Classic Clown Club Alley # 181

2015 Erie Jolly Jesters #65

        & The Eriesistible Clowns #420 

2016 San Diego All Stars Alley # 56




1999 Richard "Design-O" Smith

2000 Kent "Kayo" Sheets

2001 Kent "Kayo" Sheets

2002 Sissy "Pipsqueak" Womak

2003 Bonita "Bon Bon" Love

2004 Michael "Bonkers" Cox

2005 Barbara "Sweet Thang" Cox

2006 Evon "Starlena" Taylor

2007 Sue "Squeeze" Marranconi

2008 John "Splash" Sullivan

2009 Ann "Tuttles" Sanders

2010 No Recipient

2011 John "Splash" Sullivan

2012 Diane "Toodles" Jones

2013 Marie ' Mischief' Beck

2014 Connie ' Punkin' Morrow

2015 Crissy 'Miz Daisy'  Melnitzke

2016 Robin 'Pinky B' Bryan



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