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Excellence in Clowning

For more information Contact: 
Teresa "Blondi" Gretton 
 3411 Lisa Circle 
 Waldorf, MD 20601 

 (301) 843-8212 



This is a unique recognition of clowning accomplishment in Clowns of America, International. Clowns achieving this award should feel that it is truly valuable, and that the recognition is most prestigious. There is no "grandfathering" in this program. Each clown will earn the award on their own merits. There should be no questions that recipients represent the best there is in clowning today.


In order to receive this award, excellence must be demonstrated in the following areas:


Service to clowning -- 200 hours.

Service to the community - 200 hours.

Acquired educational background in clowning - 100 hours.

Clown appearance - evidence of exceptional makeup and costume.

Clown performance - three proofs of awards.


Irrefutable evidence of a "Clown Heart" - portfolio unanimously approved by the COAI Board.


Here are details of the requirements:




The applicant provides evidence that the clown gives of himself/herself to advance the art of clowning. The hours are those spent on the activity and in a service capacity, not just as a participant in an alley meeting or at a convention. Here are some good examples of service to clowning:


Officer of COAI or an alley

Judge at a regional or international convention


Author of articles for The New Calliope

Chairperson of committee for an international or regional convention


Hours must be accumulated after Jan. 1, 1995


All applications should be directed to COAI's Director of Membership and must be received no later than September 1st of each year.




These hours must be given without pay and for the good of others. They can include:

Volunteer clowning in hospitals, Nursing homes, etc.


Volunteer clowning for non-profit affairs, e.i., fund-raising events, openings of facilities etc.

A detailed log of these hours must be included with the application. Hours must be accumulated after Jan. 1, 1995.




Applicant must show evidence of continuing clown education. Credit will be given hour for hour for attendance at regional or international programs, or at other acceptable educational events. The hours will be known as Clown Education Credits, and may be counted as earned from Jan. 1, 1995.




Applicant must have achieved Top Ten in International COAI makeup competition any time after 1984, or Top Three in COAI regional competition (if there are significant contenders) starting in 1995; or present a picture to be approved by the award committee.




Applicant must have achieved Top Ten in International COAI skit, balloon or Paradability competitions since 1984; Top Three in a COAI regional competition (if there are significant contenders) starting in 1995 (three such awards are required); or present a video of a performance to the awards committee.




Applicant must present a portfolio of recommendations from fellow joeys and community members. Recommendations should express, among other things, how the clown has held to the highest standards of clowning, how the community is a better place because of the clown's part in the community, or how the clown's love has brought laughter and fun to people. If an applicant does not have the ability to bring this part of the portfolio forward, it is not necessary to attempt the other qualifications. Only COAI members need apply!






1997 Sue "Fruit” Oberg

1998 No Recipient

1999 Richard "Designo” Smith

2000 Sue Gortemiller

2001 Kent Sheets

2002 No Recipient

2003 Ann Sanders, Barbara Cox, Michael Cox

2004 Wanda Porter

2005 Diana "Lil Smidgen" Hale, Denise "Payasita Creacion” Marcano Cruz, William "Willy from Philly" Clegg

2006 Nancy "Bubbles" Opatich, Becky "Skeeter" Deltenre, Lisa "Twinkles" Ezell

2007 Candy "Butterscotch" Will, Kim "Tutti Fruitti" Grice

2008 Loretta "LA*DEE*DAH" DeAngelus, Marie "Mischief" Beck

2009 Miriam "Senorita Soto" Kleinberger, Bonita "Bon Bon" Love

2010 Tim "Sawdust” Laynor,  William "Snappy” Hart and Sue "Squeeze”  Marranconi.

2011 No Recipient

2012 No Recipient

2013 No Recipient

2014 No Recipient

2015 No Recipient

2016 No Recipient

2017 No Recipient



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