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That's right! In view of these tough economic times, Clowns of America International has devised a program for you to have your membership paid …FOR FREE.


 Here's how it works.


Beginning January 1, 2012 and ending at the stroke of midnight on ‘April Fool's Day' (And this is not an April fool's joke!) for every NEW member you bring into COAI, you will have 3 months added onto your membership immediately. That's what we're saying, one new member equals three more months and those months are added on right away. So if you bring in four (4) new members, YOUR membership is FREE for one year.

BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE! If you bring in six new members you'll get a year and a half added onto your membership. As soon as they are fully registered, you get your additional months. Eight new members, you'll get two years. And so on, and so on, because there is NO LIMIT. The more members you recruit, the more months and years you can receive for FREE.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! We are adding more fun by making this a contest. On April 2 we tally up all the "New” joeys. The one member with the most "New” joeys will be declared the COAI TOP RECRUITER and will receive:

· One ADDITIONAL year added onto your membership …for free.

· A brand new black COAI logo shirt with 2012 TOP RECRUITER embroidered on it …for Free

· An article about YOU in the New Calliope.

· A picture of you with your new shirt, in the slide show, on the home page at

· A ‘Certificate of Appreciation' as COAI's TOP RECRUITER

· A special presentation at the 2012 COAI International Convention in Kansas City, MO., if you choose to attend


If you are the winner of the COAI TOP RECRUITER, and you have recruited more than 25 NEW MEMBERS you will also receive one FULL REGISTRATION to the 2013 COAI International Convention held in Richmond, Virginia…FOR FREE!!!

COAI understands just how hard everyone has to work to make ends meet these days. So we are trying to do our part to help our members. There is an awful lot going on in this promotion, but that's because there is an awful lot for you at COAI. Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start working ...FOR FREE

RULES For this promotion:

· A New Member is anyone who has not been a member of Clowns of America International for the past three years, and they will receive a NEW COAI Number when they register for membership.

· The new member must have your name and COAI number on their registration to get credit.

· If you cannot make it to the COAI Convention in Kansas City, MO, you will still be announced as the winner at the banquet, and will receive rewards including the full registration by mail.

 * We prefer new members to register right here on the website but will except membership forms:

By mail: COAI    PO Box 1171     Englewood, Florida 34295-1171 

By fax: 941 474 8317   By phone: U.S. toll free 877 816-6941 / 941 474-4351  

Or By email: 

· This membership promotion begins January 1, 2012 and ends April 1, 2012.

· In the event of a tie for the COAI Top Recruiter, the person who recruited the most new joeys FIRST, will be declared the winner.

· Lifetime members can gift their reward months to a non-lifetime member

· This promotion is intended for individual members; Alleys may work in unison but must use individual COAI member numbers for rewards. Rewards are transferable after contest results, if requested in writing.


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